Borderline Personality Disorder, trauma and EMDR

Dolores Mosquera
9 de enero de 2014
Manila, Philippines

Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR: The Progressive Approach

Dolores Mosquera
5 de marzo de 2014
Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Treating Borderline Personality Disorder with EMDR

Dolores Mosquera and Anabel González
15 de marzo de 2014
Los Angeles, California

Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR: The Progressive Approach

Anabel González and Dolores Mosquera
22 de marzo de 2014
Oakland, California

ESTD Conference. 4th International Conference

Friday 28. Mini Workshop: Antisocial Personalities and trauma Saturday 29. Mini Workshop: Narcissism and trauma

Dolores Mosquera
28 de marzo de 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

National EMDR Conference

Conference: Complex trauma, dissociation and EMDR Workshop: Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorder with EMDR

Dolores Mosquera
3 de abril de 2014
Bergen, Norway

Personality Disorders, Complex Trauma, Dissociation and EMDR Advanced workshop

Dolores Mosquera
5 de mayo de 2014
Tampere, Finland
EMDR Association

Understanding and Treating Narcissistic and Antisocial personalities with EMDR

Dolores Mosquera
23 de mayo de 2014
Paris, France

Working with hostile parts in dissociative disorders

Suzette Boon, Gabriella Giovannozzi, Anabel Gonzalez, Dolores Mosquera and Giovanni Tagliavini
31 d e mayo de 2014
Venice, Italy
Instituto Canossiano

Conference: Narcissistic Personality Disorder and EMDR Workshop: Borderline Personality Disorder and EMDR

Dolores Mosquera
6 de junio de 2014
Kobe, Japan

15th EMDR European Association Conference. 25 Years of EMDR

Mini Workshop: Frequent problems in the use of EMDR with complex trauma and dissociation

Dolores Mosquera
26 de junio de 2014
Edimburgh, Scotland

2014 EMDRIA Conference. Celebrating 25 years of healing trauma.

September 19. Workshop: Suicide, Self-Harm and EMDR
September 20. Workshop: History Taking and Preparation for EMDR Therapy in Complex Trauma

Andrew M. Leeds and Dolores Mosquera
18 de septiembre de 2014
Denver, Colorado

EMDR Treatment of Trauma and PTSD in Borderline Personality Disorganization

Clinical considerations and assessment for the management of self-regulation, relational difficulties, attachment-related behaviors and metacognition.

Dolores Mosquera, Roberto Pedone and Antonio Onofri
16 de octubre de 2014
Rome, Italy

EMDR and Dissociation. A workshop on treating complex trauma and personality disorders with EMDR.

Dolores Mosquera
8 de noviembre de 2014

Treating complex trauma with EMDR

Dolores Mosquera
21 de noviembre de 2014
Warsaw, Poland