3rd EMDR Asia Conference. Treating Trauma through EMDR for Peace

3rd EMDR Asia Conference. Treating Trauma through EMDR for Peace

Development of EMDR has set up a very effective approach to psychological trauma therapy. As a psychiatrist, who was a member of the first group in China that started post-traumatic psychological intervention at the end of 20th century, I have collaborated with other Chinese psychologists; our aim has been to identify a more efficient treatment for post-traumatic crisis intervention and recovery. We have been very delighted to learn and embrace EMDR. Since its introduction to China in 2002, EMDR has drawn substantial attention among Chinese mental health professionals. Through persistent effort, along with support and help from Trauma Aid Germany, HAP-German, HAP Europe, EMDRIA and HAP International, we have succeeded in implementing and developing EMDR practice and education. One effect of this movement has been the establishment of the EMDR-China Society, which is affiliated with the Chinese Association for Mental Health Psychotherapy and Psycho-consultation Committee in 2009; its goal has been to promote the process of training, clinical application, post-traumatic aid and research. With its guidance and coordination, EMDR-China psychologists and psychiatrists not only have actively participated in EMDR-Asia Conferences and trainings, including the first and second EMDR–Asia Conferences, but also successfully bid for and will host the Third Asian EMDR meeting in Shanghai. We are determined to promote EMDR training, implementation, and research and contribute to the state of mental and emotional well-being.

Start DateApril 21, 2017
PlaceShangai, CHina
PresenterDolores Mosquera and many more
LanguageEnglish (no translation)

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